f I had my own invisibility cloak,
    I'd have so many different choices.
    I could do anything I wanted, 
    because the world would be my oyster.


    I’d sneak into the multiplex and watch every single movie;
    I’d tiptoe onto aeroplanes and go to lots of different countries,
    I wouldn't be at school.
    I'd be doing something cool,
    in a deckchair behind the goalmouth of Manchester United against Chelsea.

    I’d give the hardest kids a wedgie and they wouldn’t know who’d got ‘em.
    I'd tiptoe into Buckingham Palace and slap people on the bottom.
    I’d always win at hide and seek, because they wouldn't find me for a week;
    I’d make my brother look good in make-up while he was fast asleep.

    I’d put a bed sheet on and pretend I was a ghost
    I’d shout “Bogey!” in the theatre, but I wouldn’t get a roast- ... ing.
    I’d baffle some sheep like Little (Boo!) Peep
    I’d trip my sister up all day
    and never find it boring.

    I’d sneak into a zoo and ride around on elephants;
    I’d wrap it round my head and walk around like I was dead.
    I think it would be great if I caused havoc at the fête
    Although someone's dog might smell me and pee up against my leg.

    I’d cut a little corner off and cover all my vegetables
    I’d creep into a Kit Kat factory and scoff and scoff and scoff;
    and at the Christmas pantomime
    I’d shout “I’m behind you!” all the time
    Although I might get run over if I forgot to take it off.

    Sometimes I'd use it scare someone funny,
    or hide my parents car keys if they took away my pocket money.
    Sometimes I'd just use it to get away from everyone,
    or I'd hang it over my window
    and wonder where the world had gone.