• Previous filmmaking education projects:

    POEMS TO SEE BEFORE YOU DIE (Leicester 2016) DVD of performance poetry written and performed by mental health service users.

    THE PORTAL (Leicester 2011) Sketch comedy, improvisation and literacy workshops with KS2 students of all year groups. Outcomes included magazines, storyboards, menus, posters, a literature den and a comedy horror movie.

    TEENAGE SEXUAL HEALTH PROJECT (Leicester 2008) Creation of a sexual health/sketch comedy DVD with Year 10 students to be used as a teaching aid across the East Midlands.

    GHOUL SCHOOL (Castle Donington 2007) Literature/performance/filming workshops with Year 5 students, culminating in the creation of a comedy horror movie about a school for the undead.

    "Rob taught not only drama and comedy techniques but also teamwork, responsibility and methods to resolve differences. His own enthusiasm for the work was boundless and they really responded. The journey children took was very flexible and organic and showed how Rob could easily adapt to the needs of his audience. He got terrific results and progress, particularly from those children who initially found the work challenging, as he was able to improve their confidence and self-esteem. He also motivated the members of staff he worked with through close teamwork and provided limitless resources and ideas which could be used within the school in times to come. Rob's skills with teaching, motivating and empowering the children ensured not only a fantastic final film, but also gave them knowledge and skills which they will all use in the future." Deputy Head Teacher, Orchard Primary School, Castle Donington