Rob leads workshops in performance poetry, comedy, improvisation, performance skills and creative writing.

He  has extensive experience of working with schools, young offenders, gifted and talented, excluded students, adults and young people with learning difficulties, mental health service users and members of the general public.  Over the years Rob has helped people of all ages create scripts, slam poetry, comedy songs and sketches, movies, raps, magazines and comic strips for a variety of specific purposes.

Rob's workshops have an emphasis on literacy, teamwork and self-esteem. They can be tailored for any age or ability range and adjusted to incorporate any particular theme or area of the curriculum.  

Rob has enhanced DBS Disclosure and public liability insurance. 

Here’s the mission statement:

I believe, not only that every child has a right to be heard, but also that there is a direct connection between being able to listen to each other and improvements in literacy, as well as other areas of academic achievement. Young people are more likely to acquire and develop skills when they share control of the learning process. The most successful (and enjoyable!) projects I’ve been involved in have been the ones where artist, teacher and students have all been able share their ideas and skills. I don’t believe there has to be a conflict between process and outcome, because emphasis on process makes for a stronger outcome.

Previous Projects in Education



    • 2012
    • Spoken Word/Poetry workshops with Year 5 students using historic buildings as the inspiration to create and perform poetry based on local history.
    • Series of comedy/poetry/improvisation workshops with KS2 students aimed at improving literacy, articulation, teamwork and thinking skills.


    • Leicester
    • 2011
    • Sketch comedy, improvisation and literacy workshops with KS2 students of all year groups. Outcomes included magazines, storyboards, menus, posters, a literature den and a comedy horror movie.


    • Leicester
    • 2011
    • Sketch comedy/improvisation workshops with KS3 students, including underachieving boys, gifted and talented and reluctant speakers. Culminated in a evening comedy show.