• The Day My Head Exploded

    The Day My Head Exploded

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    • Burning Eye. 115 pages.

      Poems drawn from Rob's experiences as a nurse, inpatient and writer in healthcare settings.

      “Brimming with anarchistic joy... yet behind everything is a big heart. It's typical Gee: combining gleeful subversiveness with poignant observations about the human condition.” Victoria Times

      “Inspirational... thought-provoking, humbling and hilarious.” Mind Share, South Australia

      “This is a man who stared into the abyss and saw it wink back at him.” The Ubyssey, Canada
  • Forget Me Not - The Alzheimer`s Whodunnit

    Forget Me Not - The Alzheimer`s Whodunnit

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    • Mantle Lane Press. 76 pages

      Jim’s wife, a patient on a dementia ward, has died from what appears to be natural causes. Jim is a retired police detective and he smells a rat. He’s determined to solve one last murder. The problem is he also has dementia. It’s a case worthy of the greatest detective mind. But his will have to do.

      “Hilarious and heartbreaking." Victoria Times

      "A comedy, meditation on human dignity and at its heart, a love story… remarkable.” Orlando Sentinel

      “A disturbing masterpiece.” Gig City, Alberta

      Includes training pack for healthcare staff, live audio CD and Soundcloud code
  • Kevin, King of Egypt

    Kevin, King of Egypt

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    • Mantle Lane Press. 112 pages

      Escaped mental health patient Kevin Haggerty is not pleased about his diagnosis, even less pleased about being on a section of the Mental Health Act, and distinctly upset about being told he is not the reincarnation of the pharaoh Ramses II. On his way to Egypt, via the Tesco Express, he stumbles across the nemesis to all his plans: Millie – a lost six-year-old. Together they embark on a journey that will change both their lives forever.

      “A mind-roasting bipolar joyride… moving, funny, deeply human.” Victoria Times

      "Delightful... Gee finds humor and heart among the humanity." Orlando Sentinel

      "Brilliantly portrayed... anyone with experience of the mental health system will be able to relate to this."
      The Clothesline, Adelaide

      Includes original six-part story ‘Icarus Dancing’, live audio CD and Soundcloud code
  • My Daughter is a Donington Goth

    My Daughter is a Donington Goth

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    • Mantle Lane Press. 57 pages with colour photographs.

      "I didn't come here for a good time. I came here because I have a leg off. If I had both legs I'd still be in Whitwick."

      Rob spent several weeks wandering around Castle Donington in Leicestershire, acosting unsuspecting residents in order to gather their impressions of the town, their memories and anecdotes, and their feelings about the place they call home.

      Includes photographs by Linda Young and historic images provided by Castle Donington Museum and local residents.
  • Pig on the Wall

    Pig on the Wall

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    • Mantle Lane Press. 47 pages with colour photographs.

      "There's no central point; no church or steeple.
      Moira's heart is in its people."

      Rob spent several weeks wandering around the village of Moira in Leicestershire, talking to residents, gathering their stories, hopes and fears, and regurgitating them in poetic form for this publication.

      Includes photographs by Linda Young and historic images provided by Moira Replan and local residents.
  • Word Round - Poems from Psych Wards

    Word Round - Poems from Psych Wards

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    • Word Poetry. 88 pages with colour illustrations.

      Over a two year window, Rob went into a variety of inpatient mental health settings around Nottingham, Northampton, Kettering and Leicester to compose group poems. He would act as scribe, while people in the room contributed ideas, jokes, lines and rhymes. This book is a selection of those poems.

      Featuring poems from inpatients in acute, elderly, forensic, psychiatric intensive care, child/adolescent, eating disorders, learning disability, and rehabilitation/supported care settings.

      Includes artwork created by BrightSparks Arts in Mental Health workshop participants via a series of workshops facilitated by Scott Bridgwood.

      All proceeds go to BrightSparks Arts and Mental Health.
  • Bob the Spot and other Stories

    Bob the Spot and other Stories

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    • Mantle Lane Press. 61 pages with illustrations.

      Bob the Spot lives on someone’s bum, Mr Bean is a plastic surgeon and Daddy Pig is a nurse in his spare time. A selection of group poems written with and for children, inspired by objects found in the vaults of University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust (UHL).

      Includes artwork created by participants in workshops facilitated by Scott Bridgwood as part of the Y Heritage Project.

      All proceeds go to Leicester Hospitals Charity.