• "An unforeseen highlight, a convulsively funny and surprisingly moving tribute to humanity's collective psychosis."
    Minnesota Examiner

  • Fruitcake covers the course of a night shift on an acute psychiatric ward seen through the eyes of a jaded nurse who hears the voice of God. In this case, God happens to be a kindly Jamaican woman  who gives him ten benevolent commandments to help him through the shift; and life.

  • Fruitcake is based on twelve years Rob spent working as a registered nurse in psychiatric units around the UK and Australia.

  • Featuring Jean 'Binta' Breeze as the Voice of God: Internationally renowned dub poet, described by the British Council as “one of the most important, influential performance poets of recent years.” She also has a diagnosis of schizophrenia.
  • Reviews for Fruitcake

    “Terrifically well written… the kind of performer you pray you’ll discover.” Orlando Sentinel

    “An unforeseen highlight, a convulsively funny and surprisingly moving tribute to humanity’s collective psychosis.” Minnesota Examiner

    “Gee has pitched it perfectly... this hour showcases his strong talents as a witty, skilful storyteller.” Chortle, UK

    “Thoroughly compelling... super-charged and hilariously blunt... a quality show... SEE IT.” Applause-Meter, Calgary

    “The wonderful part about all of this is the feeling that Gee cares about people... in situations where he could have easily gone for the crazy person joke, he spun the humour on its ear… and he is hilarious.” Edmonton Sun 

    “This is a man who stared into the abyss and saw it wink back at him.” The Ubyssey, Vancouver

    “One of those rare performers who immediately engages, befriends and electrifies an audience.” Beat Magazine, London 

    "Knowledgeable and genuine, while remaining skilfully funny… a one man thespian army… bizarre and hilarious… this play has everything.” CBC, Canada

    "Warm, hilarious and eye-opening… truly an uplifting comedy, bursting with a luminous generosity of spirit.” Winnipeg Free Press

    "Essential cheerfulness in the midst of insanity... should be required viewing." Edmonton Journal, Canada

    "A natural-born storyteller with the ability to create both equal parts comedy and empathy from the characters he brings to life... highly recommended." Toronto Star

    "So engaging it's almost criminal... the hype was well-earned." The Visitorium, Ottawa

    "Smart, funny and frequently very moving... a first-rate show." Calgary Herald