• Pandemonium explores the world of chaos and adventure that lurks behind the veneer of everyday life.
  • Pandemonium is the Rob Gee Poetry Jukebox. On the way into the show, the audience is given a menu with a series of poetry titles to choose from. The choice and running order of poems is then determined by requests shouted from the audience.

  • “An hour incredibly well spent… insightful, hilarious, and pregnant with the vitality and wisdom of long and varied experiences.”
    Showbill, Canada

    “Brimming with anarchistic joy. … what places this bald, bespectacled dynamo well above the pack is his skewed humanism and his gonzo personae… goofy, likable, remarkably energetic… he approaches his art with an intelligently punkish sensibility…  hilariously grotesque … rambunctious… yet behind everything is a big heart. It's typical Gee — combining gleeful subversiveness with poignant observations about the human condition… it works wonderfully.”
    ★★★★★ Adrian Chamberlain, Victoria Times

    Venues also have the option of booking this show as part of a double bill alongside Kevin, King of Egypt, with Kevin in the first half and Pandemonium in the second. Or vice versa!