• Burning Eye. 115 pages.

    Poems drawn from Rob's experiences as a nurse, inpatient and writer in healthcare settings.

    “Brimming with anarchistic joy... yet behind everything is a big heart. It's typical Gee: combining gleeful subversiveness with poignant observations about the human condition.” Victoria Times

    “Inspirational... thought-provoking, humbling and hilarious.” Mind Share, South Australia

    “This is a man who stared into the abyss and saw it wink back at him.” The Ubyssey, Canada

  • Dr Brice
    Dr Brice put her name in the wrong part of the form
    and inadvertantly sestioned herself.
    This amused us greatly,
    because she was bad for people's mental health.

    She went on a trip to Venice, paid for by the drug company,
    who were keen to invest in her impartiality.

    She changed everyone's meds when she came back.
    Carnage ensured and people relapsed.
    One man's mental health fell so badly to bits
    that he smashed up the ward and put two nurses off sick.

    So don't be like Dr Brice.
    Just stick to the guidelines from NICE.