• An upbeat entertaining poem unique to your event. Rob has written and performed poetry for Unison, Leicester City Football Club, Social Perspectives Network, Big Difference Company and Leicester Promotions.

    “I had wanted to work with Rob Gee after being amazed seeing him perform several times and so I asked him to devise a performance piece for over 1600 well oiled football supporters at   De Montfort Hall in Leicester. I lumbered him with the task of devising an accolade to Leicester City Football Club in the 1980s. This was made doubly difficult first by the political background of the era and secondly the fact Rob himself knew little if nothing about football.

    Because of the enormity of producing the show I had to leave Rob to his own devices to solve this problem. If that wasn’t enough he had a week to research, write and then perform to a sell out crowd. Before the opening of the show, Rob approached me several times to hear the final product but owing to technical reasons this was not possible.  

    It was only when I heard the initial reaction of the audience to his work, I realised what I had asked him to do and the untold success with which he was now doing it.

    He had the audience hooked from the first word and with laughter and tears he enabled the unconventional audience to relive the memories of the 80’s while being introduced to performance poetry for the first time. The piece reached a crescendo with a rapturous ovation, for a poem and performance which is still talked about with great acclaim today.”

    Jez Simons, Chairperson, Hathi Productions