• Themes include:

    Humour and Mental Health
    Rob is lead artist for the Comedy Asylum: comedy shows written and performed by people receiving mental health treatement. He leads a Comedy in Recovery course in several mental health recovery colleges and regularly leads comedy/improvisation workshops in inpatient mental health settings. Rob cites examples from these experiences, as well as from his time as a nurse, to explore the empowering nature of humour in mental health.

    Comedy, Poetry and Wellbeing
    Comedy and poetry can offer a dynamic and enjoyable way to support your wellbeing, connect with others and do something daft! It can also help you discover parts of your imagination you never knew were there.

    Alzheimer's Whodunnit and Reporting Concerns
    Presentation on how a one-man murder mystery show has been used to train healthcare staff in reporting concerns. To find out more about the training click here.

    Sketch Comedy and Children's Wellbeing
    Over the years, Rob delivered sketch comedy workshops in primary schools around themes as diverse as bullying to compost. School of Comedy is a recent pilot project delivered in collabaoration with BrightSparks Arts and Mental Health and DeMontfort University to look at at how some of the skils learned in creating comedy can improve resiliance, teamwork and literacy.