• Forget Me Not is a murder mystery set on a dementia ward. Rob plays fifteen characters, who deliver a series of plot flaws, tropes, clues and red herrings. The show is now part of a training package for clinical and managerial staff in health and social care.

    After seeing Forget Me Not, Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust recruited Rob to deliver training based on the themes of compassion and raising concerns. The training consists of a performance of the show, breakout sessions and structured discussion. Participants include qualified and unqualified nursing staff, occupational therapists, medical and nursing students, managerial staff, junior doctors and psychiatrists.

    100% reported the training to be ‘helpful’ or ‘very helpful’.
    99% rated it as ‘excellent’ or ‘good’.
    93% would recommend their training to a colleague.
    94% would recommended the show to a friend.

    92% stated ‘very successful’ in highlighting the concept of seeing the person not their illness.
    84% said they were ‘much more’ or 'slightly more' confident at dealing with conflict at work following the training.
    83% stated they were ‘much more’ or 'slightly more' confident about raising concerns after participating in the training.

    “Best training ever. Well done for keeping my attention which has been difficult in previous training.”
    “This type of training is much more effective at highlighting the real issues of caring for the person with dementia and their families. Often formal training is not effective in enabling staff to understand the real issues that patients and families experience.”
    “This is a memorable way to offer training. Could you do this for other topics, e.g. depression, suicide, safeguarding?”
    “Very, very good, insightful, funny, educational.”
    "I really wasn't expecting it to be so creative; so well put together and something I feel everyone should experience... it also helped me feel less isolated."
    “The best study day I've ever been on!”

    "The best training ever on Freedom to Speak Up."
    Peter Miller, Chief Executive, Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust, after attending the training.

    "A real highlight for me... a spectacular performance, including speaking up, bullying culture, poor clinical care and detective work. Rob played all fifteen characters and then led a training session which led to really honest conversations about barriers to speaking up."
    Henrietta Hughes, National Freedom to Speak Up Guardian

    "Rob has used his extensive clinical knowledge and skills, together with his unique creative talent to develop a presentation appropriate and relevant to the health service workforce... his experience as a practitioner and his use of humour gives great value to the session and enables the audience to connect in an open and honest manner."
    Pauline Lewitt, Freedom to Speak Up Guardian, Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust

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