In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, the mental wellbeing of our nation’s workforce is more important than ever. Comedy and poetry can offer a dynamic and enjoyable new way to support the wellbeing of your staff. A workforce that thinks creatively can find it easier to solve problems, which ultimately leads to a happier workplace.

Take your pick from one of the following workshops or select a blended approach, whether online or in-person.

Wellbeing in the Workplace - Workshops

  • The Group Poem

    The Group Poem

    • Rob writes the poem in real time, based on interaction with participants. The subject and theme is decided by your team and together we create something completely original.
  • Creative Minds

    Creative Minds

    • A series of low-key wordplay and improvisation games designed to improve communication, confidence and teamwork. We tell jokes, make up stories and laugh a lot.
  • Creative Writing

    Creative Writing

    • Creative writing is one of the most flexible art forms we have. It can be funny, serious, therapeutic, an excuse to vent your spleen, a love letter, a filthy limerick, a pithy greetings card, or combinations of the above.